What if a high fantasy world underwent the apocalypse? What if its infrastructure were destroyed in one night, and the survivors were to be left at the mercy of four indestructible avatars of the end?

This game explores the prospect of the daily lives of these survivors after a few human generations. A century after the four horsemen were first released on an unprepared world, their ride has still to end and while some survivors have attempted to adapt to their new world, there still exist traces of the past all around these people. Cities lie in ruins, and ancient arts are still wielded by the select few who have weathered the end of an era. Some still cling to their lost glory even after a century of decline. Others have never seen the miracles of which these ancients speak.

Does a mutual calamity erase grudges between races? All that remains are individuals who no at most represent cultures which no longer exist. What is the role of those with great power during this time of crisis? When the ghosts of a lost past literally fill the night, will even the greatest fade away and join these relics, or does their strength lend them a purpose?

The Apocalypse of Yesterday

Ghastly scene