• Elanor Heathertoe

    Elanor Heathertoe

    The venerable halfling matron seems nimble for her years and her vigor is clearly untouched by the years. Her bright turquoise eyes, however, reveal even more experience than her wrinkles show.
  • Estelar Talesspur

    Estelar Talesspur

    This old elf radiates the wisdom of the ages. His pale appearance and fragile does not diminish this regality.
  • Gerald Isonlate

    Gerald Isonlate

    Were it not for the symbol of a healer, his fine robes and a commanding presence, this scarred, blindfolded man might be mistaken for a beggar. He reeks of herbs and bile.
  • Goreplate's Cohorts

    Goreplate's Cohorts

    Each of these draconic centaur-like creatures is covered in sooty platemail and carries a great lance. Hellfire burns in their throat and nostrils.
  • Goreplate, 'War's Shadow'

    Goreplate, 'War's Shadow'

    Blood seeps from each crack in the black plate mail which covers this giant warrior. It wields a colossal, jagged greatsword which seems to pulse slightly.
  • Jalnur's Dream Avatar

    Jalnur's Dream Avatar

    This small dragon blends in with the shadows of the Dreamscape.
  • John Tucker (ghost)

    John Tucker (ghost)

    This cloaked figure of an old man seethes with an unnerving aura. The man's face is filled with bitter spite.
  • John Tucker (zombie)

    John Tucker (zombie)

    The stench of rotting flesh penetrates the thick robes it covers itself with. A faint moan may be heard under its raised hood.
  • Maximillian's Dream Avatar

    Maximillian's Dream Avatar

    Despite his regal and might bearing, this hulking man wears the face of a violent brute.
  • Nina Tucker

    Nina Tucker

    A little blonde girl with curly hair, dressed in a stylish but worn black dress appears from the shadows. There is something off about her.
  • Nina Tucker (dream)

    Nina Tucker (dream)

    The young lady whose ghost you see seems hazy and unreal, yet her posture distantly reminds you of someone.
  • Nina's "Brother"

    Nina's "Brother"

    The rotting hulk handles a small chiming sack with utter precaution but once approached, it snarls menacingly.
  • Retort's Dream Avatar

    Retort's Dream Avatar

    This tall, relatively muscular metal man seems to be welded to sir Samest's blade, yet its bearing contains no resemblance to his grimness.
  • sir Samest Ormdel

    sir Samest Ormdel

    Only a halo of lost purpose and distinguishes the steel-clad warrior from rest of his ilk. The faint scent of funeral flowers lingers around him.
  • Teel's Dream Avatar

    Teel's Dream Avatar

    Every visible inch of this lean man is covered in copper plates, into which words of ancient wisdom have been etched. His hand extends into a large sword.