Agents of Atrope


A mortal may only serve the Lady for so long.”


The agents of Atrope are the Pale Lady’s handpicked servants whose death has been postponed by the Mistress of Destinies by an initiation to undeath. They have always existed and will forever continue their appointed missions among the common folk. Some are slayers of the undead abominations which try to escape their fate; others nudge certain strings subtly to ensure that Atrope’s plans come to fruition.

There is no beginning for this organization for it is not really a specific order. In the dawn of time, Atrope already noted how her followers were too short-lived to see her plans to their end. Thus, while the Pale Lady abhors those who escape her justice into undeath, she is also the mistress of death and may entitle certain people to serve her in sanctified undeath. These special agents are raised by Atrope’s church but once they are initiated by the goddess herself, they only answer directly to her. They may at times co-operate under her command but for the most part, each of Atrope’s hands in the world acts individually.


Each member is a powerful individual in their own right. Because Atrope always prefers the long view, these people hail from specifically bred families whose mission is simply to give birth to someone capable of taking up the mantle Atrope has designated for them. These people are of different races and their abilities differ greatly but each has been trained by the church of Atrope and initiated into a special state of undeath in a holy ritual.

These agents are not to reveal their identity as Atrope’s chosen to outsiders. They are to hide their undead state and blend with the crowds, biding for their time to act when the Pale Lady beckons. While many act as the Lady’s eyes, others simply withdraw from the world in silent meditation until their power is needed once more.

Each member is also blessed with an intelligent artifact which will grow in power alongside them and offer them the company no other being may hope to provide. Although Atrope’s agents are to distance themselves from ordinary folk, they always have their item companions.


Each member has a specific purpose set by Atrope. Many members hail from the militant organizations under her care but those who fight her holy war do not exhaust the ranks of her agents. In general, each member plays a specific role in the larger scheme the Weaver of Fate has planned for the whole of the world. Thus, each member is unwaveringly loyal to their goddess whose blessing determines the whole reason of their continued existence.

Agents of Atrope

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