Lifegiver, The Providence, The Weeping God, The Caretaker, Thousand-Faced One

Greater God (Chaotic Neutral)


Healing, Life, Plant life, and Rain


Dewy Sprout, Spear Wrapped in Vines


Chaos, Healing, Life, Plant, Renewal, Restoration, Water, and Weather

Favored Weapon


Cleric Training

Anyone who wishes to serve the Lifegiver is allowed to join the ranks of his clergy. Most are taught compassion and the requisite skills as healers by having them tend to the seriously ill before they are introduced to the divine mysteries of Armed. Druids and other followers who embody Armed’s aspect as the god of natural life prefer initiation rites which involve more mysticism by having the initiates form a bond with the life which surrounds them.


Many of Armed’s followers wish to protect pure sites and are willing to commission outsiders to help them. Other times, help is required to secure rare ingredients for cures and remedies or to punish those who would bring ail on their neighbors.


Prayers to the Providence are simple and filled with gratitude. Oftentimes they involve thanks to Armed, not only for having bestowed the follower the power they needed but also for having given birth to life.


Temples of Armed are always filled to the brim with life. They often incorporate natural springs, gardens, and animals, and some are actually built of living tree. They always have an open ceiling which allows the rain to descend on those who wish to be purified by Armed’s tears.


Many newborns are brought to be blessed by the priests of Armed and during times of drought, they are consulted in order to control the weather.

Herald and Allies

The Herald of Armed is a Holy Tulani Eladrin (see ABes, p.148, and BoED, pp.171-172). His allies include eladrin and blessed children. Most of the non-evil fey also pay homage to Armed.


Clerics of Armed always channel positive energy. Thus, they must choose to turn undead may cast cure spells spontaneously.

Armed was the firstborn of the gods who were not present in the beginning. He was born from the union of Atrope and Azael and his emergence heralded the birth of all life. The tears of the newborn godling made the land fertile, and great trees sprouted in his honor. Since the beginning, Armed was filled with great love for all creation and wished to see it flourish. Thus, when Atrope asked her son what he wished to become, Armed took on the name of the Caretaker. Armed is also known as the Thousand-Faced One for he may assume the form of any living creature and is not bound to any one race.

The god of life is also known as the Weeping God for the prosperity of life makes him overjoyed and the death of any of his children and proteges fills him with an unending sadness. Armed’s tears of joy fertilize the land and ensure the continuation of life while his tears of loss cause destructive downpours and storms. His followers take special measures to ensure that these fits do not cause additional loss of life which would only prolong them.

While Armed’s relationship with Atrope is slightly strained by the fact that the formed is saddened by the shortness of the mortal coil, they are allies. Meanwhile, Azael and armed co-operate to ensure the fulfillment of life’s requirements, and they resemble one another greatly in their wish to avoid bloodshed.

Armed’s enemies include all the Horsemen but Death and Pestilence in particular draw his ire. While civilization is but one manifestation of life and is thus under Armed’s protection, his followers are opposed to those who would forget their debt to the earth in order to fulfill their petty desires.


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