Mistress of Destinies, Scales of Sin, Sword of Justice, The Pale Lady, Weaver of Fate

Greater Goddess (Lawful Neutral)


Destiny, Judgment, Holy War, and Timely Death


Blindfold, Sword and Scales, Raven


Balance, Death, Destiny, Fate, Law, Planning, Protection, and War

Favored Weapon


Cleric Training

The clerics of Atrope have traditionally been anointed by her priesthood in early childhood according to their auguries. Their training consist of meditation regarding the importance and the inevitability of death, but many also choose to embody her aspect as the Sword of Justice who brings to each their due rest.


Undeath is an abomination to Atrope whose clergy will go to any length to ensure the eradication of such atrocities. She is also the goddess of crusades and if a cause is deemed just, her clergy will enroll the necessary warriors. More often than not, an individual might be deemed to hold a special destiny, and they might be contacted by the clergy of Atrope or, at times, even the goddess herself in order to ensure the proper conclusion.


While most prayers to Atrope are expressed in silent meditation, the most common utterances her clergy prefers include the likes of “Her will be done” and “May the Lady guide us.” All these prayers are in Common because the Pale Lady comes for everyone.


Temples of Atrope often include vast libraries because while the dead are traditionally cremated, their lives are recorded in order to preserve their contributions to the Lady’s grand plan. She prefers stark contrasts, and the temples are often decorated in her colors: white, black and azure.


Atrope oversees funerals, where the bodies of the dead are cremated while their lives are reviewed in great detail according to what the clergy have collected from their relatives and friends – both the living and those hidden beyond the veil. Her priests also oversee transitions to adulthood by conducting auguries regarding the destinies which await those who now become responsible for fulfilling their roles in the world.

Herald and Allies

The Herald of Atrope is St. Joseph the Amenable (Human Cleric5;KnightoftheRaven10;DivineDisciple5), a champion of yore whose destiny was to become the immortal herald of timely death. Atrope is also served by many other dead champions but many Inevitables also act on her behalf.


Clerics of Atrope always channel positive energy. Thus, they must choose to turn undead. However, they cannot cast cure spells spontaneously but rather, must choose a domain, the spells of which they may cast spontaneously instead (see PHBII, p.37 for Spontaneous Domain Casting).

Atrope is the primordial goddess of death and destiny, and her connection with proper causes also connects her to justified warfare. Her domain has always been watching over the world and to guard its harmony. The enemies of this cause include the Dreaming Dark which promises to anoint even those whose preset role would deny them all glory and particularly the Four Horsemen now that they have been unleashed before their due time. Especially Death and War are spited by the Mistress of Destinies because their mere existence tarnishes the ideals her portfolio includes. Atrope also views the undead as unholy beings which disturb her order by subsisting after their time has passed.

In contrast, Atrope’s allies include her brother, Azael, and their child, Armed. Although Atrope and Armed are opposed because the latter represents life, they have reached an understanding over the aeons. Atrope’s herald, Saint Joseph the Amenable was among the Mistress of Destinies’s first followers and ascended due to her favor. For the most part, he leads her crusade while she focuses on guiding fate and judging the dead.

Before the Apocalypse, Atrope was a major goddess to whom most civilized people payed heed in one form or another. However, since she is connected with both death and warfare, the unleashing of the horsemen caused the survivors to curse her name. Thus, what little remains of her clergy is scattered and most still yearn for a purpose in the wayward world in which they now find themselves. Most have dedicated themselves to protecting what little remains of the old world – sacred sites, the people, and lost knowledge – but they must remain in the shadows. Her more militant followers would either prefer to slay the horsemen and start rebuilding, or they heedlessly lose themselves in their now meaningless although useful quests such as destroying the undead scourges which roam the lands.

Followers of Atrope include her clerics, paladins and enlightened warriors. The Order of the Raven was an organization within her church, and it was dedicated to eradicating all undead. Likewise, there have always existed rumors of more secret sects. If the Pale Lady controls when a person is destined to die, could she not prevent someone from dying?


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