The Forever Enduring, The Scapegoat, The White Goat, Wise One

Greater God (True Neutral)


Enlightenment, Magic, Peace, and the Sun


Disk of the Sun, White Goat, Yellow Eye of a Goat


Balance, Endurance, Insight, Knowledge, Light, Magic, Meditation, Spell, and Sun

Favored Weapon

Truncheon (see Book of Exalted Deeds, p.34)

Cleric Training

The clerics of Azael find their place among their brothers through personal enlightenment. Their training consists of meditation and fasting as well as studious cramming of both mundane and arcane knowledge.


Those who worship Azael as a god of peace will attempt to negotiate a truce between warring parties, and the help of adventurers often proved vital during such attempts. Likewise, Azael’s followers are always on lookout for forgotten lore which they hope to add to their libraries.


Prayers to Azael greatly depend on which of his aspects is being requested for help. However, most of Azael’s clerics prefer simple prayers which contain a hint of personal acquaintance with the Wise One, such as ‘You know it is right.’


Most of Azael’s temples lie in places which are hard to locate and reach, in particular on the sides and tops of mountains. Most contain hardly any room for people to live in, not to mention spaces dedicated to nothing but worship. Instead, Azael is an extremely pragmatic god who finds true worship to not require rituals and who expects his followers to live ascetically with no place dedicated specifically for resting.


While Azael abhors rituals in general, his most dedicated followers are still tasked with one rite: traditionally, all those who ascend to become archmages must be anointed by priests of Azael and vow not to tarnish their art with violence.

Herald and Allies

The herald of Azael is an advanced (20HD) Prismatic Solaric Thaerestion (see ABes, pp.202-203, 225, and BoEM, pp.189-191). His allies include arcane angels, guardinals, and certain fey creatures, satyrs in particular.


Clerics of Azael always channel positive energy. Thus, they must choose to turn undead may cast cure spells spontaneously.

In the beginning, there was light and there was Azael. The Forever Enduring earns his name not only for his patience but also for his primordiality. The first gods were Azael and Atrope who have always considered each other siblings despite having birthed Armed in a divine union. While Atrope is connected to each event in the world by threads of necessity, Azael has always remained an aloof god who prefers meditation and the beauty of the arcane to the company of mortals.

However, despite the White Goat’s detachment from mortal affairs, he is far from an uncaring deity. The Wise One is always vigilant for those who would abuse the gift with which he has blessed mortals, and according to legend, he and Atrope cast a terrible curse on the people who first abused magic for violence. Likewise, Azael grants solace and fellowship to those who share his passion for wisdom and knowledge.


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