Grim Reaper, The First Horseman, The Harvester, The Pale Rider

Lesser Deity (Neutral Evil)


Death, Ruination, and Undeath


Dead Horse, Scythe, Skull


Death, Deathbound, Decay, Destruction, Entropy, Evil, Necromancy, and Undeath

Favored Weapon


Cleric Training

Only desperate madmen would worship one of the Four Horsemen. Thus, there exist no rites of initiation and no form of official training.


Since most followers of Death wish to see the end of the end times, they promote killing. In particular, the more intelligent members of this deranged clergy wish to see charismatic rebuilders and the leaders of the survivors assassinated.


Because there are is no official training, no actual prayers to Death exist. However, the feverish pleas of its worshipers often ask for their own survival and for mercy in the same breath as they wish for the death of others.


Some cults of Death have managed to organize themselves and the most powerful of these have actually began building shrines to Death in the ruins of old cities. Such temples are often amateurishly constructed from the slabs of stone which have been looted from the surrounding ruins. They are decorated with black cloths and skulls.


At most, some cults require that new members must pass a rite of initiation which consists of killing someone. If the leader of the cult also dabbles in necromancy, they might demand that the corpse is brought to them.

Herald and Allies

The herald of Death is none other than the horseman itself. Its allies include the rest of the Four Horsemen as well as a plethora of undead creatures.

Whereas Atrope governs timely death, Death the Horseman reigns over the cessation of all life. However, while the former considers death as the end of a complete lifespan, Death is merely interested in the termination of life. Thus, undeath may be an abomination in the eyes of Atrope because it extends beyond the mortal coil which she governs but Death itself is disinterested in such details and even actively enforces transitions to undeath.

Yet another aspect of Death is ruination – the end of civilization. It seeks to destroy all traces of life ever having existed. Thus, while Death is the First Horseman because his influence swept across the land before the rest arrived to reap the remnants, it is also the last horseman because everything comes to a closure on its will.

The followers of Atrope oppose Death and its cults because they were blamed for the atrocities committed by the horseman and because its ideal stands in direct opposition to their goddess’s plan. In particular, Death’s connection with the undead motivates this crusade, because the followers of Atrope consider death something much greater and meaningful than the simple cessation of life.


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