Dreaming Dark


Dreamer in the Dark, Granter of Secret Wishes, Whispered One

Greater God (True Neutral)


Ambition, Darkness, Dreams, Reformation, and Secrets


Black moon


Alteration, Corruption, Creation, Darkness, Dream, Envy, Madness, Summoner, and Transformation

Favored Weapon

Annulat (see Planar Handbook, pp.68-69)

Cleric Training

The clerics of the Dreaming Dark are never officially anointed and trained. Instead, they receive visions in their sleep and absorb the necessary knowledge this way. Most never admit their adherence to the god of secrets, and instead lead their public lives as though nothing had changed.


The Dreaming Dark does not espouse manipulating people to do its bidding. Instead, it prefers to help those whose ambitions already coincide with its wishes. The clergy of the Dreaming Dark also follows this creed, although they might secretly prod the chosen ones in certain directions.


Prayers to the Dreaming Dark never recite the name of the dark god. Instead, they either remain ambiguous or refer to false deities.


There are no temples dedicated to the Dreaming Dark. Instead, its followers, including its clergy, build secret shrines in their homes and in hidden places. Common locations include the insides of an empty well, an abandoned house, or a small cave.


While the Dreaming Dark is not officially sanctified, many seek out its followers in order to be reborn from their daily lives. This ritual is considered blasphemous by the followers of Atrope although most of the time, it is completely mundane and merely assures the seeker that they may regain control of their daily lives.

Herald and Allies

The herald of the Dreaming Dark is a true neutral Gigantean Elder Shadow Elemental (see ABes, pp.136-138, and ToM, p.166). Its allies include lesser Shadow Elementals and certain abominations such as the Silithar. Many creatures from the Plane of Shadow also worship the Dreaming Dark.


Clerics of the Dreaming Dark always channel negative energy. Thus, they must choose to rebuke undead and may cast inflict spells spontaneously.

The Dreaming Dark is no more and no less than the manifestation of the secret desires of every being who has ever lived and ever will. Although this deity is amoral and demented, it is far from evil. The suppressed nature of what constitutes it merely condemns it to rule over the fickle unconscious and the darkness.

The clergy of Atrope always seeks to uproot the followers of the Whispered One wherever they are found but the followers themselves are relatively indifferent towards this enmity. Some do despise the Pale Lady for condemning them both into a life they never asked for and for attempting to escape such an absurd destiny. Others simply find the goddess powerless before their will to escape her clutches.

Dreaming Dark

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