Despot of the Faint, Eternal Hunger, The Empty Scale, Witherer of Crops

Lesser Deity (Neutral Evil)


Chill, Decline, Hunger, and Spoilage


Black Grains, Empty Scales, Locust


Cold, Decay, Evil, Gluttony, Hunger, Pain, Suffering, and Thirst

Favored Weapon


Cleric Training

Only desperate madmen would worship one of the Four Horsemen. Thus, there exist no rites of initiation and no form of official training.


The followers of Famine wish to spoil the necessities on which survivors depend. They poison wells and food supplies, kill game unduly and raze shelters. Many have been driven mad by spite and simply wish for others to suffer equally while some prefer being able to extort unreasonable amounts of supplies for themselves.


Because there are is no official training, no actual prayers to Famine exist. However, most pleads to the Despot of the Faint stress the paucity of the demands because most of Famine’s followers consider their master miserly.


Most cults of Famine which manage to organize their worship of the Empty Scale belong to those whose philosophy is to glut themselves and leave nothing for others. As such, their temples are actually quite lavish although short-lived because no area may sustain these cults for long. Thus, their temples often include ruined buildings which have been patched with the unprepared hides of the animals they slaughter gratuitously. No attempts to actually repair the building are made; instead, the cult simply relocates once it has exhausted the area.


Although it may hardly be called a rite, many followers of Famine gorge themselves constantly, given the chance. This orgy often includes ritualistic traits such as the ritualized slaughter of animals – and even other intelligent races if the cult in question does not differentiate between the flesh of animals and people.

Herald and Allies

The herald of Famine is none other than the horseman itself. Its allies include the rest of the Four Horsemen, ravenous predators, wendigos and ghouls.

Famine governs all aspects of decline and the resulting misery. Acts of desperation such as cannibalism and reckless abandon gratify this horseman to no end. Before Famine, everyone is equal for it forces everyone to grovel in pain, unable to sustain their own weight. For most, the caress of Pestilence may be a sweet release by the time the Conqueror of Flesh finds them.

While the followers of Famine are universally despised, even more so than the followers of most other Horsemen, their promise of temporary relief from the daily suffering of the new world allures many. Others find solace in the idea that the mighty will finally be subjugated to their level by the power Famine wields. However, each offering to Famine sacrifices a small quantity of hope in the future, and this vicious cycle of seeking relief feeds no one but the horseman itself.


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