Conqueror of Flesh, Quiver of Maladies, The Wilting Liege, White Plague

Lesser Deity (Chaotic Evil)


Disease, Filth, Phlegm, and Poison


Oozing Bow, White Arrowhead, White Fly


Blightbringer, Chaos, Evil, Madness, Ooze, Pestilence, Slime, and Suffering

Favored Weapon


Cleric Training

Only desperate madmen would worship one of the Four Horsemen. Thus, there exist no rites of initiation and no form of official training.


The lunatics who worship Pestilence seek to contaminate necessities with diseases and poisons in order to further their deranged agenda. They might also infect someone with a latent disease and order them on an made-up quest in a hub.


Because there are is no official training, no actual prayers to Pestilence exist. The exact details of each prayer vary from fevered follower to another: some wish to unfetter as many as possible from the suffering which life in the new world represents to them while others merely fear affliction and wish for immunity against the terrible power they wield.


Temples dedicated to Pestilence are even more scarce than those of the other Horsemen. A few shrines exist, either in the middle of fetid swamps or in the shadows of swarming hubs where unleashing an affliction would decimate a maximal amount of people. Most of these secret meeting places reek because of the rotting meat, faeces and rancid fanatics with which they brim.


While some of the cults dedicated to Pestilence might attempt rituals with which to rain maladies on their victims, they do not have any established rites. Most cults also require initiates to participate in filthy initiation rites which defile these people for life and ensure that they only feel comfortable in the company of their foul brethren.

Herald and Allies

The herald of Famine is none other than the horseman itself. Its allies include the rest of the Four Horsemen, blightspawned creatures and oozes as well as certain undead horrors.

Pestilence is by far the most reviled of the Four Horsemen, mostly because people are utterly disgusted by the effects the horrible maladies it controls afflict. While the rest of the Horsemen might also be worshiped by selfish and cruel monsters, all of Pestilence’s followers are madmen who either wish to harness the Wilting Liege’s power to kill others indiscriminately or to protect themselves from the same horrors.

Gods of healing such as Armed stand in direct opposition of the Quiver of Maladies but the ranks of their followers have grown thin, and their constant contact with the plagues Pestilence unleashes has diluted their numbers further. Not only have many died trying to help the victims of these epidemies, some have succumbed to the equally contagious madness which afflicts the horseman’s followers. In particular, many of those who wish to unfetter the survivors in the new world by having them succumb to diseases are fallen healers.


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